Free Walking Tour Cusco

Free Walking Tour Cusco

Free Walking Tour Cusco

10:00am & 3:00pm

Booking is required to ensure the assignment of guides.

Our Free Walking Tour Cusco help you discover the real life and the Inca history no one will tell you. In fact, you could awaken your interest in researching more about peruvian culture and Don’t be a basic tourist. For that reason you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Nowadays, an experience like this is few. Regardless, that is a concept created by Sandemans Europe Tours.

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free walking tour cusco

Everyday at 10am & 3pm


Meeting Point: Heladeros 119 A, at ``Topitop`` store (at the door), a 2 block from Main Square

Spectacular attractions that we promise to take you:

  1. San Francisco Square
  2. San Blas
  3. San Pedro Neighborhood
  4. Qoriqancha Temple
  5. Cusco Main Square
  6. Pachaquteq Palace
  7. Inca Roca Palace
  8. Wanchaq Neighborhood

Don’t think that knowing Cusco only implies the historical center, obviously not It’s a masterful city from Latin America. So count on us to discover its cosmopolitan neighborhoods. Moreover, we can provide you tours in Sacsayhuaman, Rainbow Mountain, Ollantaytambo, Machuppicchu and Salkantay.


“These tours are created humanely for tourists who share the culture of tipping. Tourists who are not aware to tip should abstain. Peruvian Tourism Police”

Only Meeting Point  

10am & 3pm at “Topi Top” store (at the door) in Calle Heladeros 119 A in front of Basilica La Merced, a 2 blocks from Main Square

Top quality tours by licensed peruvian guides

free walking tours peru
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