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free walking tour cusco

Free Walking Tour Cusco

Free Walking Tour Cusco

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The Free Walking Tour Cusco will allow you to know more about forerunners of the Incas, Incan Civilization foundation (Qosqo Foundation), the best achievement from ancient Peruvians, Anticismic Incan Walls, Incan Aqueducts, Incan Palaces, Incan streets, Collapse and Conquest of the Incas, Baroque style architecture from colonial times, Catholic Churches, and Lifestyle at the Mercado San Pedro.

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Everyday at 10am

Tours in English & Spanish

Meeting Point: 258 K’uichipunku Street

Places to visit:

  • Plaza San Francisco
  • Saint Claire Arch
  • San Pedro Church
  • San Pedro Market
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Acclla Wasi Temple
  • Palace of Pachaquteq

We go to the east of the city, to Plaza San Francisco; Saint Claire Arch; San Pedro Church-San Pedro Market, which was designed by Alexander Gustave EiffelInside the Market we will see: Llama Fetus, Dehydrated Meat, Frog killer lady, Frog Juice, Food items native to the American Continent, Innards section (if you are allergic you can always stand aside); Plaza de Armas (Main Square); Acclla Wasi Temple (The Virgin Girls of the Sun); WatchingPalace of Pachaquteq The 9themperor; Palace of Inca Tupac Yupanqui.


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free walking tour cusco

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