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free walking tour cusco

Free Walking Tour Cusco

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The free walking tour Cusco or Tour for Tips Cusco will help you discover the real life of Cusco and the Inca history that no one will tell you. With us you could awaken your interest in researching more about Peruvian culture and stop thinking like a basic tourist. You could know about the mysterious legends inside the old houses of Cusco. You should not miss this opportunity. Experience like this is few. That’s right, this is a concept created by Sandemans Europe Tours.

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Everyday at 10am & 3pm

Tours in English & Spanish

Meeting Point: 258 K’uichipunku Street

Spectacular attractions that we promise to take you:

  1. San Francisco Square
  2. San Blas
  3. San Pedro Neighborhood
  4. Qoriqancha Temple
  5. Cusco Main Square
  6. Pachaquteq Palace
  7. Inca Roca Palace
  8. Wanchaq Neighborhood

Don’t think that knowing Cusco only implies the historical center, obviously not, it’s a masterful city from Latin America, so count on us to discover its cosmopolitan neighborhoods. In addition, we will offer you included support for your tours in Sacsayhuaman, Rainbow Mountain, Ollantaytambo, Machuppicchu or Salkantay.


In Cusco you work only with fair donations, the quality is guaranteed, Here travel agencies and independent licensed guides are financed only by you (If you aren’t accustomed, each client donates 20-30-40 monetarily or $ 0.00 if the service is bad). See our testimonies that support us. Book us to ensure your professional guide.

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10am & 3pm at Puriwasi hostels, close to Quriqancha




free walking tour cusco

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free walking tours peru