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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tours everyday?

Yes, we never stop. We just could cancel a tour in case of protest or desasters.

Does Free Walking Tour Lima include Barranco district?

Of course, we are the only guides propose you discover whole Lima.

If I do not book by web, can I book via e-mail or whatsapp?

No, unfortunately we require reservations via booking system because we have unfair competitors and we protect our brand and our clients.

Do you offer Lima's Cathedral tour or Catacombs tour?

Our free tour includes cultural places and museums, but we do not cover sites that are part of the conventional tourist system describen in guides and commercial tourist books.

How long does the tour last and where does it finish?

The Free Walking Tours+ Lima takes about 3.5 hours . Free Tour Cusco and Arequipa takes about 2 hours.

How to pay for your free tour guide?

Each free tour is published at $0.00. But in the end it is provided according to our quality endorsed by our customers. An honest tourist considers 6-15 dollars individually. The tip is for a professional guide and to finance our company. It is recommended no to give alms or gifts to the guide, not with us.

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