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Free Walking Tour Lima

Everyday: Downtown 10:40am - 6pm / Barranco 3:30pm

Duration: each walk is 2hrs. (Full Day)

3 Meeting Points: Pick up & Starting Points

Includes the routes that a local always walks, our Historical Center(culture & architecture), Barranco”the coolest neighborhood in the world”, our real life and all about Lima. So we ask you to bring your exploratory attitude!

Free Walking Tour Cusco

Everyday at 10:10am and 3pm

Duration: 2hs

Meeting Point: 258 K’uichipunku Street

Get to explore forerunners of the Incas, Incan Civilization foundation (The Fundation of Qosqo) the best achievement from ancient Peruvians.

Free Walking Tour Arequipa

Everyday at 10am and 3pm

Duration: 2:30hs

Meeting Point: 204 Santa Catalina Street

Get to know about Arequipa past and present, traditions, leyends, art, music, free museums and best places to go out for drinking and dancing.

Top quality tours by licensed peruvian guides

free walking tours peru

About Lucuma Tours

Lucuma is a city tourism focused on free tours differentiated by our absolute alternative theme, showing the other side of traditional tourism in Lima, Cusco & Arequipa to put open might tourists with Guides who are like your friends and peruvians and culture! We are pioners creating walks that nobody does and the competition ends up copying us, but travel agencies or the hop on hop off wouldn’t do it because they offer other concept..

We are certified just to serve to groups of seniors or cultural young people whose call us The Revolutioners. We offer you quality since 2016!

Over 1 million guests per year!

Top quality tours by licensed peruvian guides.

2.000 five-star Reviews in 3 years since our fundation.